Strategic Planning

The strategic plan is a crucial road map, approved by the BOD, that helps take the company from its current state to where the CEO wants to take it, over a specific period of time. It identifies objectives and the strategies that must be explored to achieve those objectives. Then examines the obstacles that must be overcome so that the resources needed to execute the strategies can be allocated.

The approach that Joe utilizes is to focus on action items that will increase growth and profits. While easy to say, it is challenging to implement; however, clients on Joe’s process have all increased profits and growth over the prior years. Matter of fact, Joe guarantees execution.

Simplifying directives and clear communication are at the center of successful implementation, as Joe does not believe in complexity, his method hinges on the idea that less is more; identify what matters then do it!

This approach is not just for CEO’s; Joe gets the entire leadership team involved. This approach creates ownership by the people that can create change. His execution process breaks through the everyday disorder that causes most strategic plans to end up in the desk drawer! To learn more about his process, please request the white paper or contact joe today.

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