• “Together, we can get it done.”

  • “The keys to success lie in a clear strategy, purposeful execution and complete accountability from start to finish.”


  • “The keys to success lie in a clear strategy, purposeful execution
    and complete accountability from start to finish.”

  • “Together, we can get it done.”


Today, business is fast-paced, highly competitive, and unforgiving. Along with these challenges executive teams are tasked with increasing demands to be responsive, flexible and accountable. Your ability to think strategically, communicate effectively, and lead your organization in this frenzied environment is a crucial skill set that can mean the difference between success and failure.

You need a Chicago business consultant for corporate level strategy who understands these challenges, and more importantly how meet them head on. As a CEO with over 40 years of proven experience, Joseph Incrocci is a trusted Chicago business consultant to some of Illinois’ most successful executives. Joe’s simple and straight forward approach to your business’ corporate level strategy can help you deal with unexpected issues, frustration, internal discourse and distractions. His belief and approach are simple: Strategic planning is critical to business success.

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A stellar 50-year career as CEO, founder, president, acquirer and CFO puts Joe Incrocci head and shoulders above other Chicago business consultants to mid-sized firms.

Joe founded two companies and grew them from nothing to over $100M. As an early adopter of Lean Manufacturing, Joe, was the subject of an University of Chicago case study.

Joe’s depth and breadth of all business issues makes him invaluable to the CEO and leadership team as they look to improve profits and growth.

Joe is an effective collaborator whose approach is to turn all strategies into action items. He works with his sleeves rolled up and is involved from planning to execution.

Joe has the golden touch and his experience makes him invaluable to top management as they look to improve corporate level strategy, business and marketing strategies, operations, performance and growth across all areas of their business.

Our Numbers

40 Years Experience As A CEO
30 Successful Buy/Sell Mergers And Aquisitions
200 Combined Revenue For 2 Companies Built By Joe








Whether on the buy side or sell side, be properly positioned to reduce risks and recognize good offers.


Increase sales, profits, and cash flow.


Receive insightful planning and management advice to construct and achieve goals.


Customized "meter mover" initiatives that drive growth and profit.  


Know how your customers see you.


Create alignment across the entire organization to meet objectives.


Provide capital for expansion and growth.


Motivate and improve performance with the right program.


Understand who is right and who is not.





Co-Founder and CFO, JJI Lighting Group

1982 – 1984

Led the company to $140M in sales through organic growth and acquisition. Acquired Alkco Lighting.


President, Alkco Lighting

1984 – 1998

Built the company to be the most profitable in the JJI Lighting Group’s portfolio.


Founder and CEO, Varon Lighting Group

2000 – 2008

Grew this energy-efficient lighting company to $55M and sold to Hubbell Lighting. After acquisition led the company to $120M in sales and 15% operating profit.


CEO and President, Incrocci Business Consulting

2012 – Present

Working with select middle market companies to unlock their full potential and dramatically increase growth in a variety of business and marketing areas.


Mr. Incrocci is a Member of The Presidents Forum, based in Chicago; Moderator for the CFO Forum Council.

The Darden School of Business created a case study based on Mr. Incrocci’s work on lean manufacturing.

The University of Chicago also published the white paper “Lean Manufacturing” in TQM Magazine based on Mr. Incrocci’s pioneering work.

Mr. Incrocci holds a 3rd degree black belt in Hap-ki-do. He also enjoys traveling the world with his wife.


  • “I was looking for a support system and Joe has been a very valuable asset. His approach is authentic and he helps eliminate the noise and ground you so you can focus on the key aspects of a problem or issue.”

    Grant Hyland, CEO, Amglo Kemlite Labs, Inc.

  • “Joe is a great critical thinker and a quick mind who is able to distill large amounts of data down to its essence and then extrapolate a strategic direction.”

    Greg Vrablik, Presiding Principal of The Presidents Forum

  • “Due to his tremendous experience and background, Joe was able to quickly acclimate himself to our business, our business dynamics and our industry dynamics. He was able to see the big picture, deploy his wealth of effective tools, problem solve and provide value.”

    Tom Mascari, President, Mendel Plumbing & Heating


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