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  • “The keys to success lie in a clear strategy, purposeful execution and complete accountability from start to finish.”


  • Business Consultant to Chicago Area
    Middle Market Privately Held Companies

  Increase Profit and Sales with a Unique Strategy

How does a CEO break the clutter of a typical day and stay focused on solving the systemic issues that can constrain your growth and profits?

A Chicago business consultant for corporate level strategy who understands these challenges can help you meet them head-on.

As a CEO with over 40 years of proven experience, Joseph Incrocci is a trusted Chicago business consultant to some of Illinois’ most successful executives. With a unique plan process that increases profits and sales, Joe’s simple and straight forward approach to your business’ corporate level strategy is guaranteed to align your team, identify the issues preventing sales and profit growth and help you execute solutions.

With a 100% success rate (based on clients on the plan for six months or more), his belief and approach are simple: Strategic planning is critical to business success.

If you’re ready to develop a strategy for success, contact Joe for a free consultation and learn how he can help you get focused and reach your goals.

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Joe Incrocci has a stellar 50 years of experience in roles such as CEO, founder, president, acquirer, and CFO, putting him head and shoulders above other Chicago business consultants for mid-sized firms.

A founder of two companies that grew from nothing to over $100M, Joe was also an early adopter of Lean Manufacturing, leading him to be the feature of a University of Chicago case study.

With his depth and breath of all business issues, Joe is invaluable to the CEO and leadership team as they look to improve profits and growth.

As an effective collaborator, Joe’s approach is to turn all strategies into actionable items. Joe works with his sleeves rolled up and is involved from planning to execution.

Joe’s experience makes him invaluable to top management as they look to improve corporate level strategy, business and marketing strategies, operations, performance, and growth across all areas of their business.

Life Lessons

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 Life Lessons

The adages, bromides, lessons, and just plain good advice I have used to run my businesses.

Joe Incrocci has collected a lifetime of business and personal experiences that are at times funny, intuitive and just plain good common sense. It’s full of sage advice that everyone should have on their shelf.

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Our Numbers

40 Years Experience As A CEO
40 Mergers And Acquisition Type Transactions
200 Combined Revenue For 2 Companies Built By Joe







Promote Growth through MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS

Target the right company, not just whats for sale, then negotiate to close the deal.

"Joe is insightful, diligent and knows how to work with people to get deals to the finish line. His persistence and determination means that he is always thinking of ways to help his client get the deal done."
-Russel Shapiro


Strategic plans that increase sales, profits, and cash flow.

"I never felt alone or ignored or without guidance. Joe was always a phone call away, and if I needed a face-to-face, he would do everything possible to work me into his already busy schedule. "
-Wendy Young
Forest City Gear


Receive insightful planning and management advice to construct and achieve goals.

"Joe has been on our Board for several years. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience; invaluable to our small company. He is a consummate pro and takes pride in providing only expert level knowledge and counsel."
-Tom Mascari


Customized "meter mover" initiatives that drive growth and profit.

"The process has especially helped our team align by charting common ground, establishing a clearer picture of where the gaps are, and helping the team chart a path to closing the gaps. "
-Thomas Olivieri
Devon Bank


Know how your customers see you.

"We found the client survey absolutely critical for gaining a true understanding of our clients’ needs, rather than just guessing. As a result we adjusted both our entire marketing and our service strategies and tactics to better meet those newly clarified needs."
-Maureen McGovern


Motivate and improve performance with the right program.

"I am an attorney and have worked with Joe in structuring a number of incentive plans and agreements. His knowledge of the tax and legal implications helps him to work effectively with the company and its lawyers and accountants to design the plan for maximum impact and efficiency. "
-Russel Shapiro





Co-Founder and CFO, JJI Lighting Group

1982 – 1984

Led the company to $140M in sales through organic growth and acquisition. Acquired Alkco Lighting.


President, Alkco Lighting

1984 – 1998

Built the company to be the most profitable in the JJI Lighting Group’s portfolio.


Founder and CEO, Varon Lighting Group

2000 – 2012

Grew this energy-efficient lighting company to $55M and sold to Hubbell Lighting. After acquisition led the company to $120M in sales and 15% operating profit.


Moderator for the CFO Forum Council, Presidents Forum

2011 – 2019

Led a group of CFOs in a robust discussion of their particular business problems and their solutions. The discussion also considered accounting treatment if appropriate.


CEO and President, Incrocci Business Consulting

2012 – Present

Working with select middle market companies to unlock their full potential and dramatically increase growth in a variety of business and marketing areas.


Mr. Incrocci is a Member of The Presidents Forum, based in Chicago.

The Darden School of Business created a case study based on Mr. Incrocci’s work on lean manufacturing.

The University of Chicago also published the white paper “Lean Manufacturing” in TQM Magazine based on Mr. Incrocci’s pioneering work.

Mr. Incrocci holds a 3rd degree black belt in Hap-ki-do. He also enjoys traveling the world with his wife.


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