Mergers & Acquisitions


If you are looking to downsize, grow, or change the direction your Chicago business is going, you should invest in the assistance of a strategic management consultant experienced in mergers and acquisitions. Incrocci Consulting has over forty years of experience in the business consulting sector and we know how overwhelming the process of changing your business can be. We know how to make sure you are acting in a way that reduces risks and offers you the best options.

The act of a merger, or amalgamation, is the joining of two businesses while an acquisition, or takeover, happens when one business takes ownership of another business. Usually when a friendly transaction takes place it will be considered a merger, while an unfriendly transaction is routinely recognized as an acquisition. Incrocci Consulting is available to provide your Chicago business with strategic management consultation regarding your merger and acquisition concerns. We will make sure you’re shown all the possible routes to take and which has the least amount of risk while providing you with the most financial gain.

Incrocci Consulting in Chicago is a leading company in strategic management, experienced in mergers, acquisitions, and many other areas of business consulting. We are here to help you determine the best path to take when downsizing, growing, or changing your busines